Our Mission & Goals
Funny Spanish is an educational website aimed at helping you learn Spanish in a fun and easy way. We want you to make your dreams come true and speak a new language as if it were your native one. When you complete the course you’ll know 10 times more words and phrases, learn to write accurately, develop your memory and practice lots of entertaining activities!
What can you find on Funny Spanish now?
Language games
Info about culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries
Cool facts and interesting articles about the Spanish language
Guess the word
This game will help you learn new Spanish words translating them from English into Spanish. You’ll be offered 4 variants to choose from and unlimited amount of time to take a decision. When you answer 5 questions you’ll get a chance to correct mistakes if you’ve made any to make sure you remember them well enough. When you give all 5 correct answers the training is over.
Practice is the best master, isn’t it? When you learn some Spanish words you’ll play another game to remember them better. You’ll see a word in Spanish and its probable English variant and have to say if the translation is correct or not. You’ll get 5 words and unlimited amount of time to decide if the two words mean the same or not. When you give all the answers you’ll get a chance to correct mistakes if you’ve made any to make sure you know the words. The training is over when you give all 5 correct answers.
Time Game
This word training is aimed at reviewing the new words you’ve learnt recently. Your task is to choose the correct translation of a Spanish word and do it in the shortest possible time frame. The exercises don’t repeat!
Insert the Letter
This game is aimed at reviewing the spelling of Spanish words. You’ll get 5 words and will have to fill in the missing letters; the game has no time limits. When you answer 5 questions you’ll be able to correct mistakes if some words were too challenging for you. The training is over when you insert all the letters correctly.
Catch the Word
This game is aimed at reviewing new Spanish words. Your task is to choose and “catch” the correct translation of the given word before it touches the edge of your screen. The game offers you two playing modes: normal and advanced. When playing in the normal mode you’ll get an unlimited number of attempts to catch all the words. In the advanced mode you’ll compete with one of your fellow-players and will have to guess the correct word before he or she does it.
Fill Words Game
A bit of spelling training – play and make sure you know how the words you’ve learnt are spelt. You’ll have to compile a word letter by letter choosing the letters you need. You’ll get an unlimited number of attempts and unlimited amount of time to finish the task.
Special game features:
You can skip the word and try another one if you don’t know how it’s spelt. When you finish with 10 words you’ll see the results on the screen. If you skip all the words you get 0 points and can play more on the same day to improve your result!
If you’re not sure about the spelling of a word you can click on Activate Letter button and get 2 hints. The button is active every time you start the game. Activate Letter button allows you to see the first letters of the word: the first click opens the first letter and the second click opens the second one. If you used all the hints but failed to guess all 10 words you’ll get them again when you start a new game.
Memory Game
Play and train your memory! In the beginning of the game you get 9 cards with images; you are to look at them attentively and turn the cards over. Then on your screen you see a word; you’re to match the word on the screen to one of the cards with pictures. If you guess right the card isn’t turned over again. If you click on “Show the pictures again” button you can look at the images one more time. The game has two difficulty modes – you can play with 4 cards and 9 cards. You get an unlimited number of attempts and unlimited amount of time to finish the task. When all the cards are face up the training is over.
Culture and Traditions
In this section you’ll find a set of lectures devoted to culture and traditions of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. The first lectures give you basic information about the country, and then you proceed to learning facts about its government and major cities. After finishing each lecture you’ll have to answer the questions aimed at testing your new knowledge.
Vocabulary Articles for Travelers
Are you planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking county? Then our vocabulary articles are the very thing you need! They contain useful info that any traveler will need: how to behave in a foreign country, what to say to locals if you want to be welcomed, and a lot more. In each article you’ll find a list of the best and the most popular words and phrases to be used in different life situations.
Learning Process
When you get your account you'll have an access to 3 training games: Guess the Word (English-Spanish and Spanish-English versions) and True-False (English-Spanish version). To unlock other games you’ll have to learn a minimal number of words and reach the necessary level.
Each Spanish word you learn falls into your “Vocabulary Thrift-Box” and you can check how many words you know if you look at the icon in the upper right corner of your screen. It will also show you the number of new words you need to learn to move to the next level in the game.
You’ll get 2 trainings a day – morning and evening ones. To learn the language quickly and efficiently try not to miss any of them! You can visit Funny Spanish any time of the day and train whenever you want to. BUT keep it in mind that the interval between the training sessions may reach up to 12 hours. We’ll remind you about your classes via email that will be sent to the email address you used for registration.
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Funny Spanish is a language-learning website that many people love. Here you can find some user feedback that can prove useful for those who’ve just started to learn Spanish. We have something to say, too!
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