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Learn how to behave in a foreign country, what to say to locals if you want to be welcomed, and a lot more
Preterite Tense Forms of Verbs Like TENER and VENIR
Finalize the study of the preterite with the last – but not least – set of exceptions!
Never-ending Irregular Verbs: Traer and Traducir in the Preterite
Learn one more irregular conjugation pattern in the past tense!
Even More Irregular Verbs in the Preterite: Orthographic Changes
Learn more about irregular Spanish verbs that change their spelling in order to preserve the original pronunciation of their stem.
Preterite Tense Forms of Stem-Changing Verbs
Whether a stem-changing verb will or will not change its stem in the preterite tense depends on its final two letters. Let's sort the rule out together!
Irregular Verbs in the Preterite and Imperfect
This short lesson will help you learn the preterite and imperfect tense forms of the most frequently used Spanish verbs: dar, hacer, ir, ver, and ser.
Triggers of the Past: Time Markers for Preterite and Imperfect
Stay on the lookout for the words and phrases that will hint you at what tense you'll need to use: the preterite or the imperfect!
Spanish Past Tenses: Preterite and Imperfect Forms of –ar, -er, and –ir Verbs
Сontinue learning to conjugate more regular verbs in the Preterite and Imperfect Tenses!
Past Tenses in Spanish: What You’ve Done and Used to Do
Learn the tense forms and the uses of the two Spanish past tenses: preterite and imperfect!
With and Without: Spanish Object Preposition Pronouns
Learn how to say “about you”, “with me”, “except him”, and all sorts of similar prepositional phrases in Spanish.
Speaking about Repeating Actions in Spanish
Learn to use the verb VOLVER to emphasize that you are going to do something once again!
Speaking about Recently Completed Actions in Spanish
Find out which formula will help you speak about the things you have just done!
Speaking about Plans: Ir + a + Infinitive
Learn to explaing what you are going to do with the help of a Spanish formula!
Spanish Adjectives: Starter Pack
Learn the most popular Spanish adjective for everyday use
Getting beyond Hola or Greeting People in Spanish
First Impressions Matter: Simple Questions and Spanish Small Talk
Spanish Small Talk: It’s All about Courtesy
Shopping in Spanish-speaking Countries
Learn to Bargain in Spanish like a Pro
Spanish Food Alphabet
Our basic Spanish Food Alphabet is your best guide to the Spanish cuisine!
Moving around Spain: Public Transportation System
Emergency Spanish
Print out the following list of emergency Spanish words and phrases to carry around in your pocket.
Understanding Airport Spanish
Master Airport Spanish: learn every word you need to declare, board and reclaim in the authentic way!
Booking a Hotel Room in Spanish
This chapter of our Spanish phrasebook will help you make your stay in a Spanish hotel most enjoyable!
Talking about Family in Spanish
What’s the Spanish for great great grandmother? Learn this and more great Spanish words you will need to talk about your family!
Speaking about Time in Spanish
Rely on the English rules to learn to ask and tell the time in Spanish!
12 Interesting Facts about the Spanish Language, Alphabet, Letters and Pronunciation
Learn about the records Spanish has set and the Spanish speaking countries of the world.
Spanish Stress and Accent Marks
Learn two simple rules and read about the exceptions to always know where to put the stress in a certain Spanish word
Cooking in Spanish
Learn a couple dozen Spanish verbs and speak about cooking like a Spanish chef!
Talking about Clothes in Spanish
Learn the words you might need when shopping for clothes in Spanish-speaking countries.
Tips and Tricks of Practicing Spanish Clothing Vocabulary at Home
Practice Spanish words for clothing at home to expand your active vocabulary without immersing yourself into a Spanish speaking culture.
Spanish Palette: Words and Rules to Make Your Speech Colorful
Learn the names for basic colors in Spanish and study the rules that will help you use color words in speech!
Spanish Clothing Vocabulary: Fabrics, Patterns, and Textures
Learn the Spanish words for various fabrics, patterns, and textures to make your at-home vocabulary practice even more effective and your speech - eloquent.
Taste of Summer: Spanish Words for Fruit and Vegetables, Part 1
Learn the Spanish words for vegetables with the help of our printable flashcards!
Taste of Summer: Spanish Words for Fruit and Vegetables, Part 2
Learn the Spanish words for fruit with the help of our printable flashcards!
Know Your Body, Part 1: Spanish Words for Body Parts
Learn the Spanish words for body parts to shop for clothes, exercise, buy medicines, and explain your condition to the doctor.
Know your Body, Part 2: Parts of the Head and Face
Learn the vocabulary for the parts of the head and face in Spanish with pictures!
External View: Describing People in Spanish
Learn to describe people’s appearance to make your conversations livelier.
Personal Perspective: Describing People’s Characters in Spanish
Complete your study of the ways to describe people by learning a few words about people’s personal characteristics.
Beyond Comparison: Spanish Comparatives and Superlatives
Learn to use various Spanish adjectives to compare things!
No Time Like the Present: Conjugation of Regular Spanish Verbs
Let’s learn to conjugate Spanish verbs in the Present Tense!
Conjugation of Spanish Irregular Present Tense Verbs, Pt. 1
Learn about the verbs that have irregular yo forms or have an irregular form in every person and number in the Present Tense
More Irregular Present Tense Forms: Stem-Changing Verbs
Learn about several categories of verbs that change their stems to build Present Tense forms.
7 Uses of the Spanish Present Tense
Learn the uses you can put your Spanish Present Tense knowledge to.
Spanish Calendar: Days, Months, and Seasons of the Year
Learn the Spanish for the days of the week, months and seasons of the year.
Ser and Estar: What's the Difference?
Master the use of the Spanish “to-be” options: SER and ESTAR!
HAY, not HI: the Spanish for "there is"
Learn to use the verb form HAY to express more thoughts of yours in Spanish!
Some, Any or Nothing at all: Negations in Spanish
Learn to channel your negativity in the grammatically correct Spanish way!
What's Mine is Mine: Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns in Spanish
Get insight into the nature and peculiarities of Spanish possessive adjective and pronouns, plus the grammar rules of their use and alternative possessive structures.
Spanish Halloween Vocabulary Starter Pack
Ready to give your Halloween a Día de los Muertes shade? This list of spooky and scary Spanish words will help you do the trick (or treat)!
You’re hot, then you’re cold: Spanish idioms with the Verb TENER
Learn over a dozen of useful idioms for everyday use!
Spanish Counts: Cardinal Numbers from 1 to 30
Learn to count from 1 to 30 in authentic Spanish!
Spanish Counts, Pt.2: Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands
Learn the rules of forming Spanish numbers from 31 to 100 and beyond up to humdreds of thousands!
Giving Thanks in Spanish: How to Express Gratitude
Move from the basic ‘gracias’ towards more advanced Spanish thanks-giving formulas!
The Time is Now: Spanish Present Progressive Tense
Learn to speak about the ongoing events in Spanish!
All Likes and No Shares: Spanish Verb Gustar
Let’s learn how to speak about the things you like in Spanish!
More to Love: Spanish Verbs Like GUSTAR
Get more helpful info on how to use the verb GUSTAR and other similar verbs in speech!
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