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Here you’ll find a set of lectures devoted to culture and traditions of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries
Charming Chile, Pt. 2: More to Wonder at
We go on with our exploration of the amazing country and its wonders!
Charming Chile: the Land of Wonders, pt. 1
Continue the tour of Spanish-speaking countries - learn more about versatile Chile!
Talking about Weather in Spanish
Master the most basic small talk technique – learn to talk about the weather in Spanish!
Siesta: a luxury or a necessity?
Learn all about the Spanish way to spend more time with your family!
Spanish New Year Traditions and Greetings
New Year is a very special holiday in Spain. Find out what traditions help the Spanish get the year off to a good start!
Authentic Christmas Traditions from Spain
Learn more about the day of the Three Kings and the mysterious Christmas Log!
Eating out in Spain: 5 useful tips
Improve your dining experience with actionable advice and tricks of eating out in Spain.
Spain: a First-Time Visitor’s Overview
Get to know Spain in facts and figures to go beyond stereotypes!
10 things you should know about King Felipe of Spain
Why is King Felipe VI so popular? Learn the 10 things you should know about the Spanish monarch!
10 facts about Madrid you would like to know
Get back on the exciting journey through Spain: visit Madrid and learn 10 eye-opening and fun facts about the Spanish capital!
8 facts of Barcelona you wouldn’t mind to know
Continue your journey through Spain and visit Barcelona! 8 amazing facts already wait for you.
9 surprising facts about Valencia
Keep traveling through Spain and discover 9 surprising tidbits about Valencia!
6 exciting tidbits about Seville
Continue your Spanish journey and read 6 facts about Seville that'll make you want to go there!
5 amazing things to do in Granada
Continue your journey through Spain by visiting Granada and discovering 5 things it is famous for
7 marvelous facts about Galicia
Your Spanish journey continues! Read 7 facts about Galicia that'll make it impossible to skip!
6 interesting tidbits about Málaga
Make next stop on your Spanish journey in the city of Malaga!
Spanish Driving Essentials: Laws, Tips and Tricks
Learn the basic facts and important requirements to have a great Spanish road trip!
Ibiza Tidbits: Beyond Clubbing and Sunbathing
Learn more about one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean!
10 Reasons to Spend Your Vacation in Mallorca
Discover the interesting facts about the largest of the Balearic islands of Spain!
6 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about Toledo
Discover six interesting facts from the history of Toledo.
Mexico in Facts and Figures
Travel back across the Atlantic to explore the largest Spanish-speaking country of the world.
Busting Myths about Mexico
Let’s dispel the negative stereotypes and see Mexico the way it is: proud and beautiful.
Summer in Mexico: Best Places for a Vacation
Discover the best Mexican destinations for beach and culture tourism.
Spicy Spain: What’s the English for Encurtidos?
Learn more about the sweet, sour and salty pickled foods that have become a true export success and a unique symbol strongly associated with sunny Spain.
Spanish Corrida: Origins and Traditions
Is bullfighting a sport or an art? A part of Spanish culture or a brutal tradition? Let’s get a full immersion into the heated atmosphere of the corrida and find out!
Tercios de Corrida: Stages of the Bull Fight
Corrida may be cruel, but it is not messy: it is very structured, with three different stages each separated with the sound of a trumpet. Learn the details of each of the three stages of the bullfighting.
7 Must-See Pyramids of Mexico
Take a look at the most impressive pyramids in Mexico and learn some facts from the ancient culture
8 Must-Try Foods of Mexico
Learn the best authentic dishes you have to try while visiting Mexico
Huichol Art of Mexico
Learn about the amazing Huichol artwork, its history, creative traditions, technology, and modern state.
Melodious Mexico: Discover Folk Music beyond Mariachi
There are several folk music styles in Mexico, but each new one added to the previous, only to enrich and beautify, to let new sounds grow out of old ones. Let’s learn a bit about each of them!
The Essence of Time: How Mayan Calendars Work
The Mayans relied on THREE separate, yet interrelated and interconnected calendars to keep historical records. Learn more about how they worked.
Amazing Argentina: Impressive Facts about the Spanish-Speaking Country
Learn a few impressive facts about Argentina, its history, culture, and nature
Argentine Icons: 5 Things Everyone Needs to Know
Сontinue our journey through the second largest country of South America to learn a little more about the iconic people and unique phenomena that have come from Argentina!
Top Places in Argentina You Should Visit
Get some ideas of the top places in Argentina where you should head to first.
Top 8 National Foods of Argentina
Set off on a delicious journey through Argentina!
La Tomatina: the Furious Vegetable Fight
Learn more about the very special epic red battle that takes place annually in Buñol, Spain.
Curious Facts about Cuba
Do you think you know a lot about Cuba? See which of these facts will surprise you!
9 Must-See Places of Cuba
Let’s explore the most interesting Cuban sights!
Cuban Cookbook: Authentic Dishes to Try
Let’s find out which must-try dishes will give you the best Cuban food experience!
Marvel at the Wonders of Colombia
Learn more about the country's amazing biodiversity, complicated history, and stunning culture!
Columbus Day: Origins and Controversies
In the run up to Columbus Day, let’s remember the milestones of the historically significant voyage supported by the Spanish royalty.
Who or What is Hispanidad?
Before 1987, the National Day of Spain was known as el Día de la Hispanidad. Learn more about the all-embracing term!
Halloween in Spain: Local Traditions and Festivals
Let’s follow the trace that Halloween left in Spain and how it transformed through history and across regions!
Día de los Muertos in Mexico
This holiday is observed from October 31 to November 2 annually and is known as Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.
Stingy Jack: the tale of how a turnip turned into a pumpkin
Have you ever wondered where the tradition of carving ghoulish faces into sunny pumpkins and illuminating them with candles came from?
10 Scariest Urban Legends from the Spanish-Speaking World
Tuck yourself into the safest corner of your house and read if you dare!
Feliz Cumpleaños: Birthday Traditions of Spain and Latin America
Find out all about the most interesting birthday traditions of Spain and Latin America from this article!
10 Spanish Tapas to Beat Fall Weather Blues
Find out which tapas – little bites of food – are popular in Spain on the verge of winter!
El Grito Mexicano: What is it and How to Use it?
Learn more about one of the most typical elements of the Mexican culture!
December Weather in Spain: to Go or Not to Go?
Find out what weather you may expect in every region of Spain during the holiday season!
Season to Be Feliz: Christmas Traditions in Spain
What’s going on in Spain within the two weeks of Christmas holidays? Let’s find out together!
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