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Spanish Names for Fruits

Learn the Spanish words for fruit with the help of our printable flashcards!

You must have been looking forward to finally learning the Spanish words for various fruits! So, we won't hold you back with lengthy introductions. Let the juicy lesson begin!  


Enjoy your vacation to the full – eat lots of tropical fruits! Here are the words you might need while shopping for juicy delicacies in Spanish-speaking countries:

Learn the Spanish for apple, the Spanish for apricot, the Spanish for banana, the Spanish for cantaloupe, the Spanish for cherries

Learn the Spanish for grapes, the Spanish for lemon, the Spanish for kiwi fruit, the Spanish for mango, the Spanish for pear

Learn the Spanish for grapefruit, the Spanish for orange, the Spanish for pineapple, the Spanish for peach, the Spanish for strawberries, the Spanish for watermelon

Learn the Spanish for pomegranate, the Spanish for plum, the Spanish for persimmon, the Spanish for papaya, the Spanish for lime, the Spanish for raspberry

  • apple – la manzana (lah mahn-THAH-nah)
  • apricot – el albaricoque (ehl ahl-bah-ree-KOH-keh)
  • banana – el plátano (ehl PLAH-tah-noh)
  • cantaloupe, melon – el melón (ehl meh-LOHN)
  • cherry – la cereza (lah seh-REH-sah)
  • grape – la uva (lah OO-bvah)
  • grapefruit – el pomelo (ehl poh-MEH-loh)
  • kiwi – el kiwi (ehl KEE-wee)
  • lemon – el limón (ehl lee-MOHN
  • lime – la lima (lah LEE-mah)
  • mango – el mango (ehl MAHN-goh)
  • orange – la naranja (lah nah-RAHN-Hah)
  • papaya – la papaya (lah pah-PAH-yah)
  • peach – el durazno (ehl doo-RATH-noh),  el melocotón (ehl meh-loh-koh-TOHN) – Spain
  • pear – la pera (lah PEH-rah)
  • persimmon – el caqui (ehl KAH-kee)
  • pineapple – la piña (lah PEE-nyah)
  • plum – la ciruela (lah thee-roo-EH-lah)
  • pomegranate – la granada (lah grah-NAH-dah)
  • raspberry – la frambuesa (lah frahm-BWEH-sah)
  • strawberry – la fresa (lah FREH-sah)
  • watermelon – la sandía (lah sahn-DEE-ah)

Don't know about you, but we're about done studying and ready to rush off to the farmer's market and buy anything fresh and fruity we can find!

But before you do, too, let's see if you memorized enough - take the short juicy quiz!

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