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Talking about Clothes in Spanish

Learn the words you might need when shopping for clothes in Spanish-speaking countries.

Shopping for clothes in a foreign country is one of the popular – and very fun – tourist activities! Below you will find all sorts of words you might need in the process.

Please note though that Spanish varies from country to country and while I would like to equip you with literally all the words, I simply can’t! So, I decided to rely on the most basic vocabulary and list general words that are likely to be understood in most Spanish-speaking countries.

Outdoor Clothes

The Spanish for outerwear is la ropa de calle or la ropa de abrigo

Outerwear can be described in Spanish as la ropa de calle (streetwear) or la ropa de abrigo (warm clothes).


  • Coat – el abrigo
  • Raincoat – el impermeable
  • Fur coat – el abrigo de piel
  • Trench coat – la gabardina


  • Jacket – la chaqueta
  • Leather jacket – la chaqueta de cuero
  • Down jacket – la chaqueta de plumón
  • Motorcycle jacket – la chaqueta para moto
  • Windbreaker – los rompevientos


  • Scarf – la bufanda
  • Headscarf – el pañuelo de cabeza
  • Hood – la capucha
  • Hat (for colder weather) – el gorro
  • Woollen hat – el gorro de lana
  • Hat (brimmed) – el sombrero
  • Cap – la gorra
  • Gloves - los guantes
  • Mittens – las manoplas
  • Umbrella – el paraguas

Just Clothes

The Spanish for clothes is la ropa

I admit I don’t know the term for the second layer of clothing one wears under el abrigo, so I will simply proceed with the words.

Upper Body

  • Blouse – la blusa
  • Shirt – la camisa
  • Polo shirt – la camisa de polo
  • T-shirt/tank top – la camiseta
  • Sweater – el suéter
  • Sweatshirt – la sudadera
  • Cardigan – la rebeca
  • Turtleneck – el cuello de cisne
  • Vest – el chaleco

Lower Body

  • Trousers – el pantalón/los pantalones
  • Jeans – el pantalón vaquero or simply el vaquero
  • Shorts – el pantalón corto
  • Skirt – la falda
  • Pantyhose – las medias
  • Leggings – las mallas
  • Socks – los calcetines

Whole Body

  • Suit – el traje
  • Track suit - el chándal
  • Dinner suit/tux - el esmoquin
  • Dress – el vestido
  • Overalls – el mono


I can’t ignore the clothing that hides underneath all that ropa! Let’s learn the Spanish names for la ropa interior!

  • Panties – las bragas
  • Underpants – los calzonsillos
  • Bra – el sostén
  • Camisole – la camiseta


The Spanish for footwear is el calzado

Okay, you are fully dressed, now how about your feet? Let’s study what all sorts of el calzado (footwear) are called!

  • Boots – las botas
  • Rain boots - las botas de goma or katiuskas
  • Shoes – los zapatos
  • Shoes with laces – los zapatos con cordones
  • High heels – los zapatos con tacón alto
  • Sandals - las sandalias
  • Slippers – las pantuflas
  • Tennis shoes - los tenis
  • Flip flops – las chanclas


The Spanish for swimwear is la ropa de baƱo

Finally, one of the most popular reasons for visiting Spanish-speaking countries is their exceptional beaches! So, you might wanna get yourself a few new pieces of la ropa de baño when you arrive!  

  • Swimsuit - el traje de baño
  • Swim trunks – los bañadores
  • Bikini – el bikini
  • Swim cap – el gorro de baño

I hope that your Spanish-speaking shopping will move to a totally new level! And now, let’s see if it really will – check if you memorized the new words!

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