15 Clever Ways of Speaking about LLUVIA

When it's been raining for days, this Spanish vocabulary list may come in handy. If it doesn't brighten up any time soon, at least your speech will be much, much brighter with all of these fun ways of speaking about rain in Spanish!
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15 Clever Ways of Speaking about LLUVIA



noun, fem


  1. el aguacero - heavy downpour, rainstorm
  2. el chaparrón - cloudburst, a short downpour
  3. la llovizna - drizzle
  4. la lluvia menuda - small rain
  5. la garúa - drizzle (Latin America)
  6. el calabobos - incessant rain
  7. el chubasco - heavy shower
  8. llueve - it is raining
  9. llueve a cántaros (a torrentes, a mares) - it’s raining in sheets
  10. está para llover - it is going to rain
  11. ha cesado de llover (la lluvia) - the rain has stopped
  12. bajo (la) lluvia - the rain has stopped
  13. la lluvia con sol - sun shower
  14. el chapetón - a rain shower
  15. el diluvio - torrential rain



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