15 Beautiful Ways to Use MAR

Did you know that the Spanish word MAR can both be masculine and feminine? It's used as a feminine noun in poetic contexts or set phrases (like the ones you can see in our list).
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15 Beautiful Ways to Use MAR



noun, masc/fem


  1. alta mar - high seas
  2. mar abierto - the open sea
  3. mar adentro - out to sea
  4. mar gruesa - rough, stormy sea
  5. mar rizada/picada - choppy sea
  6. mar arbolada - heavy sea
  7. veranear en el mar - to spend summer holidays at the seaside
  8. hacerse/echarse a la mar - to set sail
  9. por mar - by sea; by boat
  10. a mares - a lot
  11. llover a mares - to rain buckets
  12. es la mar de inteligente (colloq.) - she is really/very intelligent
  13. los siete mares - the seven seas
  14. arar en el mar - to labor in vain (lit.: to plow in the sea)
  15. eso es hablar de la mar - that's just wishful thinking (lit.: that's just talking about the sea)



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