Airport Spanish Vocabulary

Learn every word you need to declare, board and reclaim in the authentic way!

If you have heard airport announcements made by non-native speakers of English at least once, you should know that they very often are useless and annoying. It is virtually impossible to make out what the person is saying plus it makes you feel unsafe - what if this unintelligible nonsense was an urgent announcement intended for you personally? 

Stop testing your nerves and guess power – learn every word and phrase you might hear at the airport in a Spanish speaking country in its official language. They will help you find your gate, luggage, or the restroom, after all! 


  • Airport - el aeropuerto (pronounced eh-lah-eh-roh-PWAIR-toh)                                        
  • Plane - el avión (pronounced eh-lah-bee-YOHN)        
  • Runway - la pista (pronounced lah PEAS-tah)
  • Wing - el ala (pronounced eh-LAH-la)
  • Tail - la cola (pronounced lah KOH-lah)
  • Flight - el vuelo (pronounced ehl BWEH-loh)                                                        
  • To take off - despegar (pronounced dess-peh- GAHR)                                                        
  • To land - aterrizar (pronounced ah-tayr-ree-SAHR)                                                              
  • I’m looking for the north terminal. - Busco la terminal norte. (pronounced BOO-skoh lah tehrr-mee-NAHL NOHR-teh)


  • Customs - la aduana (pronounced laah-DWAH-nah)        
  • Where is customs? - ¿Dónde está la aduana?
  • Passport - el pasaporte (pronounced ehl pass-ah-PORR-teh)                                        
  • Ticket - el boleto (pronounced ehl boh-LEY-toh)
  • Boarding pass - la tarjeta de embarque (pronounced lah tarr-HEY-tah deh em-BAHR-keh) or el pase de abordar (pronounced ehl PASS-eh deh ah-bohrr-DAHRR)    
  • Security guard - el guardia de seguridad (pronounced ehl GAHR-thee-ah deh seh-goo-ree-THAHD)
  • Metal detector - el detector de metals (pronounced ehl deh-tech-TOHRR deh meh-TAHLS)
  • X-ray machine - el seleccionador de rayos (pronounced (ehl seh-leck-thee-oh-nah-DOHRR deh RYE-oss)
  • Non-smoking section - la sección de no fumar (pronounced lah sec-THYON deh noh foo-MAHRR)


  • Luggage - el equipaje (pronounced ehl eh-key-PAH-heh)                                                
  • Suitcase - la maleta (pronounced lah mah-LEH-tah)
  • Baggage claim ticket - el talon (pronounced ehl tah-LON)
  • Baggage claim area - el reclamo de equipaje (pronounced ehl rec-LAH-moh deh eh-kee-PAH-heh)
  • Conveyor belt - la banda (pronounced lah BAHN-dah)
  • Luggage cart - el carrito de equipaje (pronounced ehl kahr-REE-toh deh eh-kee-PAH-heh) 
  • Porter - el maletero (pronounced ehl mah-leh-THE-roh)
  • Carry-on bag - el maletín (pronounced ehl mah-leh-TEEN)
  • Where can I claim my luggage? - ¿Dónde puedo reclamar mi equipaje? (pronounced DOHN-day PWEH-doh reh-klah-MAHR mee eh-kee-PAH-heh)
  • Could you please help me with my bags? - Por favor, ¿me puede ayudar con las maletas? (pronounced pohr fah-BOHRR meh PWEH-deh eye-you-DAHRR kohn lass mah-LEH-tass)


  • Flight attendant – el/la sobrecargo (pronounced ehl/lah sohb-reh-KAHR-goh) or el/la auxiliar de vuelo (pronounced ehl/lah ow-ksee-lee-AHR deh BWEH-loh)
  • tray table - la mesita (pronounced lah meh-SEE-tah)
  • Aisle - el pasillo (pronounced ehl pah-SEE-yoh)
  • When are we going to land? - ¿Cuándo vamos a aterrizar? (pronounced KWAHN-doh BAH-moss ah ah-teh-rree-THAHRR)


This can happen to anyone. Just remember the way you should ask for help if it does:

  • I lost my luggage. - Perdí mi equipaje. (pronounced Pehr-DEE me eh-key-PAH-heh)                        

Additionally, you might also have trouble finding the ways to leave the airport. Go for either of the following:

  • Where is the taxi area? - ¿Dónde está la parada de taxis? (pronounced DOHN-day-STAH lah pah-RAH-thah deh TAH-xees) or 
  • Where is the bus stop? - ¿Dónde esta la parada de autobús? (pronounced DOHN-day-STAH lah pah-RAH-thah deh ou-toh-BOOS)        

Check your email often for more phrasebook entries! And now, it’s time to play Funny Spanish and learn a few more words in Spanish to ensure better communication!

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