Repeating Actions in Spanish

Learn to use the verb VOLVER to emphasize that you are going to do something once again!

There are many useful verbs in Spanish which, when combined with other verbs, make some structures we can use every day. Let’s learn a few of these verbs and the structures they enter to help us express our thoughts in a more effective way!

To Do Again in Spanish

If you want to emphasize that you are going to do something once again, rely on the following formula:

Learn to use the Spanish verb volver to speak about the things you're doing again

To build different person and number forms, you only need to conjugate the verb volver. It is an irregular verb with O:UE vowel change, so it might be a good idea to refresh the conjugation rules:

Learn the present tense forms of the Spanish verb VOLVER

Make sure you do not leave the preposition out; otherwise, you’ll distort the structure!

The trick with this formula is that it will not help you deal with some tense meanings without using the actual tense forms – more often than not volver will need to be used in a certain tense form to fit your utterance. E.g.:

He walked away, then returned and hugged her again – Se marchó, luego volvió a abrazar a ella. – Past Indefinite

However, it does not mean that we will be unable to provide enough present tense examples for you to memorize the formula! See for yourself:

  • Vuelvo a leer esta revista.

I’m going to read this magazine again.

  • ¿Vuelves a leer este periódico?

Are you going to read this newspaper again?

  • Ella vuelve a llevar puesto su vestido más boníto.

She wears her most beautiful dress again.

  • ¿Volvemos a probar?

Are we going to give it another try?

  • ¿Volvéis a trabajar en este proyecto?

Are you going to work on this project again?

  • ¿Vuelven a viajar por toda Europa?

Are they going to travel across Europe again?

There are more verbs that help to build useful everyday expressions, but we will continue talking about them next week. And now, let’s see if you have memorized everything you need to know about VOLVER + a + infinitive formula!

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