"Have Just Done" in Spanish

Find out which formula will help you speak about the actions you have recently completed!

We continue speaking about the verbs and formulas of the Spanish language which can be used in everyday conversations and save you the trouble of learning how to build complicated tense forms.  In this article, we are going to tell you how to speak about the actions that have just been completed.

Have Just Done in Spanish

In Spanish, there is a special verb formula that helps us speak about recently completed actions and at the same time avoid any complicated tense forms. In other words, you can rely on this formula in the way you rely on the English Present Perfect Tense in its “a short time ago” meaning that uses the adverb just:

Don’t you walk into the room in those dirty boots – I’ve just scrubbed the floor!

In order to speak about a recently completed action in Spanish, you need to rely on this formula:

Learn to speak about the things you have just done with the help of the Spanish verb acabar

Make sure you do not leave the preposition out; otherwise, you’ll distort the structure!

To build different person and number forms, you only need to conjugate the verb acabar. It is a regular one, so you needn’t remember its present tense forms by heart. But if you aren’t sure you know the rule, you can brush up on it here.

Let’s consider some examples and see how the formula works:

  • Acabo de comprar una revista nueva.

I’ve just bought a new magazine.

  • Acabas de leer este periódico.

You’ve just read this newspaper.

  • Él acaba de mirar su reloj pero no sabe la hora.

He’s just looked at his watch but he doesn’t know what time it is.

  • ¡Acabamos de empezar!

We’ve just started!

  • ¡Acabáis de poneros los trajes más caros!

You’ve just put on your most expensive suits!

  • Acaban de volver a la ciudad.

They have just returned to town.

There are more verbs that help to build useful everyday expressions, but we will continue talking about them next week. And now, let’s see if you have memorized everything you need to know about ACABAR + de + infinitive formula!

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