Fabrics, Patterns & Textures in Spanish

Learn the Spanish words for various fabrics, patterns, and textures to make your at-home vocabulary practice even more effective and your speech - eloquent.

Today is going to be our final clothing vocabulary session. Since I can talk about clothes for hours on end, I feel a bit sad, but I’m also happy, as today you will learn the Spanish words for various fabrics, patterns, and textures! By using all of them you will make your at-home vocabulary practice even more effective and your speech - eloquent.

Fabulous Fabrics

The material, or la tela, which clothes are made from, can be different.

Let’s learn the most basic words today. Please note that I made a list of [preposition + noun] combinations that will help you not simply name the type of material, but use it in a sentence to say WHAT the piece of clothing is made of.

Learn the Spanish words for the most popular fabrics

  • de algodón – cotton

Una camisa de algodón es más suave que la de otras telas.

A shirt made from cotton is much softer than shirts made from other fabrics.

  • de seda – silk

Tengo un pañuelo de seda hermoso y lo visto en primavera.

I have a beautiful silk scarf and I wear it in spring.  

  • de mezclilla – denim

La ropa de mezclilla es muy duradera.

Denim clothes are very hardwearing.

  • de pelaje – fur

Este gorro de pelaje de conejo es muy suave.

This rabbit fur hat is very soft.

  • de encaje – lace

Llevo puesto un vestido de manga larga de encaje.

I’m wearing a dress with long lace sleeves. 

  • de piel – leather

Compró unas sandalias de piel.

She bought leather sandals.

Pretty Patterns

Now, let’s find out what the Spanish call the most popular fabric patterns, or los patrones (sg.  el patrón, with the tilde).

Learn the Spanish words for the most popular patterns

Again, note the [preposition + noun] combination – it functions as an adjective (striped, polka-dotted, etc.) If you only need the pattern noun, simply discard the “de”!

  • de rayas– striped

¿Cuánto cuesta esta camisa de algodón de rayas diagonales?

How much does this cotton shirt with diagonal stripes cost?

  • de lunares – polka-dotted

La cantante tenía puesto una chaqueta de piel negra de lunares blancos.

The singer wore a black leather jacket with white polka dots.

  • de flores - floral pattern

Llevaba una camiseta de encaje y un pantalón de flores.

She was wearing a lace top and floral pants.

  • de cuadros – checkered

Este año vuelven la ropa de cuadros.

This year, checkered clothes are back in.

  • de pata de gallo – houndstooth checkered

Ponte este vestido de pata de gallo.

Try this houndstooth dress on.

  • liso – plain

Una falda de estampado liso es fácil de combinar.

A plain skirt is easier to match.

  • con estampado animal - with animal print

Compré un nuevo abrigo con estampado animal.

I bought a new animal print coat.

  • con estampado de cachemira – with paisley print

Debes llevar una blusa de color liso con ese pantalón con estampado de cachemira.

You should wear a plain blouse with these paisley pants.

Tangible Textures

La textura of various material and fabrics that clothes are made of can also be different. Let’s acquire some linguistic assets and learn to describe what clothes are to the touch:

  • sólido – sturdy

Si vas a recorrer la ciudad todo el día, ponte unas botas sólidas y cómodas.

If you are going to walk around the city all day long, put on some sturdy and comfortable boots.

  • suave – smooth/soft

Esta blusa de seda es muy suave.

This silk blouse is very smooth.

  • áspero – rough

Los vaqueros de esa marca son muy ásperos.

Jeans made by that brand are very rough.

  • duro – hard

La mezclilla es una tela dura.

Denim is a hard fabric.


Hope this will practice you clothing vocabulary at home and pass this little quiz of mine, too!

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