Basic Spanish Adjectives

Learn the most popular Spanish adjectives for everyday use!

You’d like to make your Spanish more fluent, wouldn’t you? Then you should definitely take a closer look at our new set of Spanish flashcards! A little practice and your speech will have become so much more colorful by the end of this week! Moreover, your Spanish-speaking friends will no longer be tortured by your colorful (air quotes here) descriptions of things, which are so bueno and interesante.  

Most Common Spanish Adjectives 

If you have already started to stress out about how you are going to learn all these Spanish adjectives, stop right now! Not only are many of them similar to their English translations, but also easily memorized, thanks to their peculiar pronunciation and short length! Plus, we’ve made some very vivid images to ease your memorization process! Go on, take a look!

Learn the Spanish for tall and short, funny and boring, etc.


Learn the Spanish for beautiful and ugly, happy and sad, etc.

Learn the Spanish for good and bad, skinny and fat, etc.

Learn the Spanish for ill and healthy, strong and weak, etc.

Learn the Spanish for wet and dry, clean and dirty

Just one thing before we finish with today’s set of adjectives:

Remember that in Spanish adjectives are placed AFTER the noun they are describing. So, instead of “Today is a very cold day” a Spanish speaker would say “Today is a day very cold” (Hoy es un día más frío). This may seem weird at first, but soon you’ll get the hang of it – the key is lots of practice!

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