Siesta: a luxury or a necessity?

Learn all about the Spanish way to spend more time with your family!

Don't you wish that holidays would never end and that you would always have enough time to spend at home with your loved ones? People who live in Spain are so lucky - they have this opportunity all year round. Let's find out how it is even possible!

When can I siesta?

Siesta is the time period from 2 pm till 5 pm in Spain and other hot countries

Midday Spain is calm and relaxed, even on the busiest workday – thanks to the famous siesta. In the time period from 2 pm till 5 pm Spain literally shuts down to allow its citizens to have a rest and get ready to resume their activities in the evening. Siesta causes a lot of confusion among tourists since many of them choose to shop for souvenirs or go sightseeing at the exact same time and the only sight they really get to see is the empty streets and closed shops…

S for Sleep

Siesta is the Spanish for a short nap

Okay, now let’s get down to the essence of the notion. Translated from Spanish as a short nap, in fact, siesta lingers much, much longer. But the duration is a necessity, not a whim. The temperature reaches its peak at 2 pm, so the Spanish simply have to outsit the 3 scorching hours only to reemerge at their workplaces at 5 pm, when the heat has already subsided.

Force of Habit

Families use siesta to spend more time together

Although known in many places by a different name, siesta has spread through regions with the same sweltering midday conditions: the Middle East, the Philippines, North Africa, and South America. Some of those regions, though, have adopted the siesta schedule as a luxury feature – they don’t really have a necessity to hide in the comfort of their homes for 3 hours in a row, as the weather is never that hot. However, the broken working day gives people an opportunity to spend more time with their families. For them, siesta has crystallized into a nice habit, hasn’t it?

And now, let's see if you got the key siesta facts!

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