Describing Character in Spanish

Take a personal perspective - learn to describe people’s personal characteristics in Spanish!

I won’t bother you too long today, because there are all sorts of people in the world, and they are so different no one could ever imagine how to collect all the words for all the human traits of character. But I will do an honest attempt to illustrate the most frequent human qualities with flashcards.

Spanish Words for Personality Traits

As I have already said, people can be different. So different, that their qualities will be characterized with antonyms. Here are the ones you are most likely to need:

Learn the Spanish for frank, learn the Spanish for open, learn the Spanish for reserved, the Spanish for quiet

  • La concha de perla esta abierta. - She is frank/open.
  • El pez es callado. - He is quiet/reserved.

Learn the Spanish for lazy, learn the Spanish for hard-working

  • La abeja es trabajadora. - She is hard-working.
  • Él es perezoso. - He is lazy.

Learn the Spanish for sensitive, learn the Spanish for ambitious

  • El conejo es sensible. – He is sensitive.
  • El león es ambicioso. – He is ambitious.

Learn the Spanish for funny, the Spanish for serious

  • El lémur es divertido. – He is funny.
  • El Bengala es serio. – He is serious.

There are times when you can’t but mildly criticize a person. Here’s how you can do it:

Learn the Spanish for clumsy, learn the Spanish for slow

  • El panda es torpe. – He is clumsy.
  • El koala es lento. – He is slow.

Thankfully, most people are good, so why not learn a few more words and use them to describe the positive personality features in Spanish? Let’s do this!

Learn the Spanish for caring, learn the Spanish for friendly

  • La canguro es cariñosa. – She is caring.
  • El perro es simpático. – He is friendly.

Learn the Spanish for beautiful, the Spanish for handsome, the Spanish for smart, the Spanish for intelligent

  • El papagayo es guapo. – He is handsome (beautiful).
  • El delfín s inteligente. – He is intelligent.

There are so many more qualities you can emphasize in your Spanish conversations! Learn them all while playing FunnySpanish! And now, let’s see how many words from today’s lesson you have memorized!

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