Parts of the Face in Spanish

Learn the vocabulary for the parts of the head and face in Spanish with pictures!

The Spanish vocabulary for the parts of the head and face is just as important as the Spanish words denoting body parts. Who knows, you may fancy having a haircut while on vacation in a Spanish-speaking country, or buying unique makeup items produced only in the area. Or – perish the thought! – some blossoming tropical flower may get your eyes all red and sore and your nose itchy, forcing you to visit a doctor and explain your face-related condition. And here’s when your extensive knowledge of the Spanish words for the parts of the head and face will come to your rescue!


(lahs PARR-tehs deh lah KAH-rah)

Use the picture below to learn and practice the new words. You may even print it out and hang somewhere in your house where you spend enough time (the wall opposite the toilet is the best place, jaja!) Seriously, having visual learning aids around helps expand your vocabulary at lightning-quick speed. And now, let’s begin!

Learn the Spanish for nose, the Spanish for forehead, the Spanish for cheeks, the Spanish for teeth, the Spanish for mouth, the Spanish for lips, the Spanish for tongue, the Spanish for ears, the Spanish for chin, the Spanish for eyes, the Spanish for eyebrow

  • Forehead – la frente (lah FREHN-teh)
  • Eyebrow – la ceja (lah THEH-Hah), pl.: las cejas
  • Eye – el ojo (ehl OH-Hoh), pl.: los ojos
  • Ear – la oreja (lah oh-REH-Ha), pl.: las orejas
  • Cheek – la mejilla (lah meh-HEE-yah), pl.: las mejillas
  • Nose – la nariz (lah NAH-reez)
  • Mouth – la boca (lah BOH-kah)
  • Lip – el labio (ehl LAH-byoh), pl.: los labios
  • Tooth – el diente (ehl DYEN-teh), pl.: los dientes
  • Tongue – la lengua (lah LEHN-gwah)
  • Chin – el mentón (ehl mehn-TOHN) or la barbilla (lah barr-BEE-yah)

Next time, we are going to practice describing people’s appearance. And now, let’s check your knowledge of the Spanish vocabulary for the parts of the face!

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