Body Parts in Spanish

Learn the Spanish words for body parts to shop for clothes, exercise, buy medicines, and explain your condition to the doctor.

Names of body parts make up an important portion of essential vocabulary in any language. Without the knowledge of the right word for “legs”, “arms”, or, say, “back”, one won’t be able to effectively shop for clothes, to say nothing of health conditions, where an accurate description of a symptom may save a life. Use my new pictures to better memorize the words and practice the ones you have learned with the help of a short quiz!

Also, here’s a great vocabulary practice idea: read the name of a body part and shake it lightly or touch it to build a mental connection. You can do this exercise with a partner, too: one names a body part in Spanish, and the other shows it! All in all, use your imagination and make learning fun!


(lahs PARR-tehs dehl KWEHRR-poh)

Learn the Spanish for head, the Spanish for neck, the Spanish for back, the Spanish for shoulder, the Spanish for belly, the Spanish for arm, the Spanish for leg, the Spanish for foot, the Spanish for hand, the Spanish for finger, the Spanish for toe, the Spanish for knee, the Spanish for elbow, the Spanish for buttocks

  • head  – la cabeza (lah kah-BEH-thah)
  • neck – el cuello (ehl KWEH-loh)


  • shoulder – el hombro (ehl OHM-broh), pl.: los hombros
  • chest – el pecho (ehl PEH-choh)
  • breasts – los pechos (lohs PEH-chohs)
  • back – la espalda (lah ess-PAHL-dah)
  • belly – la barriga (lah bah-REE-gah)
  • buttocks – las posaderas (lahs poh-sah-DEH-rahs)


  • arm – el brazo (ehl BRAH-thoh), pl.: los brazos
  • elbow – el codo (ehl KOH-doh), pl.: los codos
  • hand – la mano (ehl MAH-noh), pl.: los manos
  • finger – el dedo (ehl DEH-doh), pl.: los dedos


  • leg – la pierna (lah PYEHRR-nah), pl.: las piernas
  • knee – la rodilla (lah roh-DEE-yah), pl.: las rodillas
  • foot – el pie (ehl PEE-yeh), pl.: los pies
  • toe – el dedo del pie (ehl DEH-doh dehl PEE-yeh), pl.: los dedos del pie


  • skin – la piel (lah PYEHL)


Repeat the exercise several times a day to reinforce the vocabulary you’ve just learned.

And now, let’s check what you know now!

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