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Booking a hotel room in spanish



Booking a Hotel Room in Spanish

When you go to Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country on vacation, you sure need to soup up your active vocabulary in order to get the service you’d like to get. Let’s do it now! 


Asking about the facilities


Before you book a room at any hotel, make a call to verify that your vacation expectations will be met and the hotel can provide you with every facility you need to make your stay truly relaxing. 


Start with “Tienen…” and complete the questions with anything you need from this list:


bar – el bar (pronounced ehl bahr)

cashier – el cajero (pronounced ehl kah-HEH-roh)

concierge – el conserje (pronounced ehl kohn-SEHR-heh)

doorman – el portero (pronounced ehl pohr-TEH-roh)

elevator – el ascensor (pronounced ehl ah-sehn-SOHR)

fitness center - el gimnasio (pronounced ehl heem-NAH-see-yoh)

laundry/dry-cleaning service - la lavandería (pronounced lah lah-bahn-deh-REE-yah)

maid service - la gobernanta (pronounced lah goh-behr-NAHN-tah)

restaurant - el restaurante (pronounced ehl rrehs-tow-RAHN-teh)

swimming pool - la piscina (pronounced lah pees-THEE-nah)

valet parking - la atendencia del garaje (pronounced lah ah-tehn-DEHN-see-yah dehl gah-RAH-heh)


Hotel Room Amenities


Okay, the hotel meets your expectations. Now what? Proceed with requesting for the amenities in your room:


a single room - una habitación con una sola cama (pronounced oo-nah ah-bee-tah-thee-YOHN kohn OO-nah SOH-lah KAH-mah)

a double room - una habitación con dos camas (pronounced oo-nah ah-bee-tah-thee-YOHN kohn dohs KAH-mahs)

air conditioning - el aire acondicionado (pronounced  ehl AH-yee-reh ah-kohn-dee-thee-yoh-NAH-thoh)

balcony - el balcón (pronounced ehl bahl-KOHN)

bathroom (private) - el baño privado (pronounced ehl BAH-nyoh pree-BAH-thoh)

safe (deposit box) - la caja fuerte (pronounced lah KAH-hah FWER-teh)

shower - la ducha (pronounced lah DOO-chah)

telephone - el teléfono (pronounced ehl teh-LEH-foh-noh)

television (color) - la televisión (en color) (pronounced lah teh-leh-bee-see-YOHN (ehn koh-LOHR))

toilet facilities - el baño (pronounced ehl BAH-nyoh)


And, of course, choose the view you want to see out of the window of your room:


on the courtyard - con vista al patio (pronounced kohn BEES-tah ahl PAH-tee-yoh)

on the garden - con vista al jardín (pronounced kohn BEES-tah ahl har-DEEN)

on the sea - con vista al mar (pronounced kohn BEES-tah ahl MAHR)


Immediate Needs


In case you need something when you already are in your hotel room, use the following tips. Start your request with one of the following and complete it with the Spanish name of the thing you’d like to get:

I would like… - Quisiera (pronounced kee-see-YEH-rah)

I need… - Me falta(n) (pronounced meh FAHL-tah(n)) – open the brackets if you need more than one item.

I need… – Necesito (pronounced neh-theh-SEE-toh)

an ashtray - un cenicero (pronounced oon theh-nee-THEH-roh)

a bar of soap - una barra de jabón (pronounced oo-nah BAH-rrah deh hah-BOHN)

a (beach) towel - una toalla (de baño) (pronounced oo-nah toh-WAH-yah (deh bah-nyoh))

a blanket - una manta (pronounced oo-nah MAHN-tah)

hangers - unas perchas (pronounced oo-nahs PEHR-chahs)

ice cubes - cubitos de hielo (pronounced koo-BEE-tohs deh YEH-loh)

a pillow - una almohada (pronounced oo-nah ahl-moh-AH-dah)

toilet paper - papel higiénico (pronounced pah-PEHL ee-hee-YEH-nee-koh)

tissues - pañuelos de papel (pronounced pah-nyoo-WEH-lohs deh pah-PEHL)

an electric adapter - un transformador (pronounced oon trahns-fohr-mah-DOHR)


Now you are all set for an amazing trip to any Spanish-speaking country! Are you planning on going there for Christmas? Hope our guide will help! Stay tuned for more phrase book tips!

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