Hola, Amigos!

¡Hola, Amigos! ¿Qué tal? Me llamo Fanny. ¡Encantada!
I started learning Spanish a few years ago, and now I feel the time has come to spread my knowledge further into the world! If you are willing to learn all about Spanish-speaking countries, their culture, traditions, dances, and, of course, their language, I am here to help you!

I want to share my love for Spanish - melodious and diverse, beautiful and passionate, gorgeous in its every aspect - with you. And this is exactly why I started this edutaining game and a blog where I tell stories about the language, culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries I visited!

Here you can:
  • expand and reinforce your Spanish vocabulary
  • play to learn and brush on the things you've learned
  • explore the culture Spain, Mexico and Latin America
  • keep on improving your Spanish non-stop and unlocking new games to multiply your fun
  • have the best, the most entertaining and useful leisure!
The rules are simple: I will email you an invitation to play the FunnySpanish game twice a day. Each game consists of 5 questions. Your goal is to choose the correct translations and win 1 point for each correct answer. The points will add up to your language score; as soon as you collect enough points, you will move to another level and unlock a new game! The higher the level is, the more interesting the games are, but the harder the tasks become and the more points you need to reach the next level!

Play every day to have lots of fun, spruce up your Spanish and broaden your perspective! And I will be here, writing new articles and questions, waiting for you to come and play!
Let's learn to speak fluent Spanish together!

Un beso,