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Our Customer Reviews
Summary rating
More games, please!
by Fritz Kirsch
Even though I took Spanish in school, I love using Funny Spanish twice a day to keep my Spanish skills sharp. I like that I get reminders in the morning and evening, and have a variety of games to increase my skills and learn new words and phrases.
More vocabulary
by MaryAnn Testa
I am having with the funny Spanish. I had 3years of Spanish in high school and 2 years in college. I always loved the language it’ been. A long time. It seems like you are using the «familiar» Spanish and I was taught the proper Spanish. Has vocabulary changed?
FunnySpanish is so simple!
by Nancy Albrock
I’ve been practicing Spanish with Fanny for 2 months already, and I’ve learned so many new words! Just awesome!
Good for job
by Jim McGill
I needed to improve Spanish ASAP for a new job, so I started practicing with FunnySpanish. And it really works!
by Lorein Strabrooks
My husband and I are planning a trip to Spain, and we decided that we need to brush up on our Spanish before we go. We chose FunnySpanish because we don’t have too much time and two 5-minute practices per day is just what we can cram in. Also, notifications help us fight procrastination and actually practice!
Good good good!
by Mick Tompson
My friend Elsie told me to try your project, and I just fell in love! I practice every day. Highly recommended!
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